You knew this was coming, right?

Not sure I could have made it any more obvious. I mean, I did spell it out last week.

And even if I hadn’t, it seems to me that a name change probably doesn’t surprise anyone. After all, this newsletter has increasingly been focusing…

Some newsletter writer I am.

Seven parts into Porte Crayon’s The Mountains, and it’s finally dawning on me that I should probably write a quick overview of the ten-part series.

Most writers would have started by providing a little context and letting everything flow from there.


I’m not most…

Not sure why this picture from a previous post is turning up here but it appears I can’t get rid of it. Or maybe I simply lack the know-how to delete it. Anyway, this pic has nothing to do with the following.

Things have been busy around my house for the holidays. There’s been no time write, so I offer the following from 2014 — when I was still writing a column for my local newspaper.

I’m trying not to think of it as a harbinger, but it’s hard not to wonder…

Things are changing.

Members of the Electoral College met Monday and formally affirmed Joe Biden’s election victory. The first Americans received Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine this week and the weather finally acknowledged that “Winter is Coming,” to steal House Stark’s “words” from back when “Game of Thrones” mattered.

I woke up…

Giles Snyder

NPR Newscaster and Porte Crayon newsletter writer.

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